Important Snaptraxx Information

Printable Assembly Instructions

Congratulations! You have just purchased a revolutionary new product that will greatly enhance your boating experience as well as protect your boat.

If you have any questions or comments please e-mail Snaptraxx at or call us at (585) 943-4212. We are very excited about our product and welcome your comments and suggestions.

Although Snaptraxx will help to prevent your boat from moving unintentionally on the trailer never disconnect any tie downs or the winch strap before the trailer is in launch position.

Snaptraxx are not designed to be assembled over bunks that are fastened to the trailer. Build your Snaptraxx bunks and then fasten them to your trailer.

Snaptraxx recommend using new pressure treated lumber for optimal installation and durability. Choose lumber that is straight, has no cup, and is no wider then 5-5/8".

Assemble your new Snaptraxx bunks at home. Take a trip to the ramp, launch your boat and swap out your new Snaptraxx bunks with your old bunks.