Customized Launch Retrieval

Customize your bunks to out perform carpeted bunks. Our uniquely designed GRIP and SLIP sections snap together to create the ultimate personalized bunk system:

Slip off Launch: (Slip Sections) Specially formulated low friction plastic that allows the hull to slide off the trailer with ease.

Float off Launch: (Grip Sections) Specially formulated plastic that grips the hull and holds it in place until the hull floats off of the trailer.

A combination of the two create the ultimate in trailer performance. A recommended combination for many hull styles: Position the grip units at the back of the trailer and the slip units toward the front. As you back your trailer into the water, the stern of the boat begins to float off the grip units, leaving the front of the boat to easily slide off the slip units.

Image of boat trailer already fitted with Snaptraxx with a boat ready to be driven up onto it