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Congratulations! You have just purchased a revolutionary new product that will greatly enhance your boating experience as well as protect your boat.

If you have any questions or comments please e-mail Snaptraxx at or call us at (585) 943-4212. We are very excited about our product and welcome your comments and suggestions.

Although Snaptraxx will help to prevent your boat from moving unintentionally on the trailer never disconnect any tie downs or the winch strap before the trailer is in launch position.

Snaptraxx are not designed to be assembled over bunks that are fastened to the trailer. Build your Snaptraxx bunks and then fasten them to your trailer.

Snaptraxx recommend using new pressure treated lumber for optimal installation and durability. Choose lumber that is straight, has no cup, and is no wider then 5-5/8".

Assemble your new Snaptraxx bunks at home. Take a trip to the ramp, launch your boat and swap out your new Snaptraxx bunks with your old bunks (See "Assembly tips for mounting bunks on trailer").

Part Identification
The upper section is two colors the lower section is one color.

Top Slip and Grip Section:
Both are visually the same but different to the touch.

Bottom Section:

End Cap:


Snaptraxx Assembly Instructions

Lumber Requirements:
Snaptraxx recommends using new pressure treated lumber for optimal installation and durability. Choose lumber that is straight, has no cup, and is no wider than
(See "Lumber Length" chart below, Page 4)

Tool Required:
Tape Measure
Screw Gun

Step 1
Please review and separate your order.
Separate by individual bunks.
Build one bunk at a time.
Refer to the chart below for proper quantities.


  Snaptraxx Rear*
Bunk Cover Kit
Snaptraxx Forward*
Bunk Cover Kit
Snaptraxx Custom
Bunk Cover
  *Any Bunk that extends to the rear of the boat. These bunks contain both GRIP and
SLIP sections.
* Any Bunk other then a Rear Bunk. These bunks contain only SLIP sections. Custom
Length of bunk (feet) Number of GRIP sections
required to
build one bunk
Number of SLIP
required to
build one bunk
Number of SLIP
required to
build one bunk
Number of sections
required to
build one bunk
2 1 0 1 1
3.5 1 1 2 2
5 1 2 3 3
6.5 1 3 4 4
8 1 4 5 5
9.5 1 5 6 6
11 1 6 7 7
12.5 1 7 8 8
14 2 7 9 9
15.5 2 8 10 10
17 3 8 11 11
18.5 3 9 12 12
Each bunk requires 2 End Caps
All kits contain enough Snaptraxx to cover two bunks



Step 2
Measure and cut the new pressure treated lumber to the proper length per the chart below.

Lumber Length
Length of bunk (feet) Cut Lumber to:
2 22"
3.5 40 1/4"
5 58 1/2"
6.5 76 3/4"
8 95"
9.5 113 3/8"
11 131 5/8"
12.5 149 7/8"
14 168 1/4"
15.5 186 1/2"
17 204 3/4"
18.5 223"



Step 3
Draw a line 1 7/8 inches from one end of the board and label the line "Stern".


Step 4
Locate a Bottom Section and note the bow arrow on the inside of the section.
The Snaptraxx Bunk will be assembled starting at the stern and building toward the bow.


Step 5
Working on a solid surface such as a concrete floor, place the lumber into the Bottom Section.
Align the stern line (the one that you drew) with the end of the Bottom Section.
Be sure the bow arrow is pointing away from the stern line.


Step 6
Place the first Top Section* over the Bottom Section encasing the lumber.
Always make sure the bow arrow is pointing in the same direction, away from the stern line

*IMPORTANT: If the bunk contains Grip Sections they must go on first. If there is no Grip Sections start with Slip Sections.


Ensure that the stern line is aligned with the end of the Top Section.
Press firmly along the parts snapping the Top and Bottom Sections together.


Step 7
Flip bunk over and install the second Bottom Section.
Position the groove of the section being installed over the tongue of the previously installed section.
Push down to snap the joint together.

*Important: The interlocking bellows (tongue and groove) connection must be properly aligned.


Step 8
Holding the bottom section in place, flip the bunk over and install the next Top Section* over the Bottom Section encasing the lumber. The interlocking bellows (tongue and groove) connection must be properly aligned.

*IMPORTANT: If the bunk contains a second Grip Unit it must go on at this time.
If there are no other Grip Units continue with Slip Units


The Photo below shows a top view of a properly interlocked bellows.


Step 9
Repeat the assembly process flipping the board and snapping together the remaining sections.


Step 10
Install the end caps.
Tap the End Cap to insure it is completely seated.
Ensure that the word "Snaptraxx" is upright.
Secure the End Cap to the lumber with the 2 stainless steel screws provided.
The area where the screws are to be located has a extremely thin wall section to allow the screws to penetrate,
eliminating the need for drilling a hole.


Your bunks are complete.
You are now ready to install the bunks on your trailer.


Assembly tips for mounting bunk on trailer

Before Mounting Snaptraxx Bunks
Snaptraxx bunks are wider and taller than carpeted bunks. The assembled exterior dimensions are 6-3/4" x 2-3/8". Snaptraxx bunks may be longer than your existing bunks. Be aware of this before you remove your old bunks.

Look at your existing bunks as the boat rests on them. If they are close to a lifting strake, water intake or any other part of your boat that protrudes beyond the hull make a note and if necessary adjust the location of your Snaptraxx bunks to ensure that they will clear.

Attaching Snaptraxx Bunks to the trailer
Remove and replace one bunk at a time. Doing this allows you to reference the original location.

Ensure that the "Grip Units" are positioned at the rear of the trailer.

Do not notch Snaptraxx around bunk mounting bracket. Bolt directly through the bunk mounting bracket, through the bottom of Snaptraxx and into the lumber. Snaptraxx recommends using 3/8" or larger diameter stainless steel or galvanized lag bolts to attach the new bunks to the trailer.


Position a new Snaptraxx bunk on the trailer drill a pilot hole through the bottom section and into the lumber to accept the lag bolts.

Final Adjustments
Ensure that your boat is resting evenly on the Snaptraxx bunks, if it is not, adjust the bunks as necessary.

You may have to adjust the position of the winch to locate the boat properly on the trailer.


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