Thanks for your help


I just wanted to send a quick note of thanks to you for all of your help with my bunk requirements and eventual order.

I converted my trailer to the Snaptraxx bunk covers on Labor Day weekend. The entire bunk replacement took just over 1 hour, and without a hitch. Everything fit and installed perfectly. And finally, yesterday, I was able to try the new system as I took my boat out for the season. It was fantastic! As I mentioned to you while we were determining my requirements, the boat landing that I use is not very steep, and quite shallow, which always caused some trouble when retrieving the boat using the conventional carpeted bunks. The Snaptraxx bunk covers allowed for easy and effortless drive-on, with very minimal winching. What a great product!

I would highly recommend Snaptraxx bunk covers to all inboard ski boat owners.

Thanks, Roger, for making this part of my boating experience a lot easier.